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Ego(ἐγώ) – your beauty

Fresh and floral. Wisely sought after in the ancient perfumes of these lands, with notes of orange and lemon that are still present today in the entrance courtyard of the Abbey. The heart, instead, is an explosion of flowers with red cyclamen prevailing over all, accompanied by base aromas such as white musk, patchouli and amber notes. 

Antron (ἄντρον) – cave

Fresh, intriguing and refined. These are the notes of rose, blackcurrant, apple and pineapple, elegantly blended and captivating like the romantic atmosphere of the strolls under the arcades that leave the sense of smell suspended, by skillful mixture, in the top notes, and then follow up, with heart notes, obtained from jasmine and birch, juniper, amber and vanilla to close with important base notes such as musk and oak.

Peos (πηός) – affinity, complicity

Playful and captivating. Harmoniously mixed, the scents of woods, typical cypresses and sandalwood, these are the heart of this unique and surprising perfume. But it is the mint of the woods and lavender that the pilgrims took to perfume the freshly washed clothes that give to the perfume captivating top notes, and then close with notes of amber and precious woods.

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